Wednesday, April 01, 2015

JubiLee Street... Because It Has Lee in it, innit.

This song fascinates me. The whole album Push The Sky Away... It's my favourite Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds album. I told The Dreaded One this yesterday. She told me that I already told her this yesterday. I told her yes I know, but it's even more favourite today than it was yesterday

Monday, March 30, 2015

The Broken Thing And The Kiss.

It's drunk, and you're late, but she still kisses you on the mouth in that late drunk way, and you think maybe the thing, that special thing, maybe that thing isn't broken after all.

Teaching = Sharing The Knowledge.

Dear All The Worst Teachers I've Ever Had,

You taught me how to be a good teacher.

Thank you.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Broken Thing

It's a sad day when you realise
That that golden thing
That fragile thing
That amazing thing
That reliable thing
That thing you had
That forever thing

Is broken.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ask No Question Of The Moth

Every now and then you hear a quote that speaks to you. This, for me, is one such quote:

"I have no news of my coming or passing away - the whole thing happened quicker than a breath; ask no question of the moth."

Farid al-Din Attar, courtesy of the wonderfully hilarious human, Judith Lucy, who I one day hope to hug. She is a warm and honest and very funny moth indeed.

Review of her show coming tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tough As Chuck

Her: What happened?
Me: Zipper pinched me on my... manhood.
Her: Ow. You all right?
Me: Yeah, I'm fine. Bit worried about the zipper though.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Surround Me

First time I've heard the original version of this gorgeous song. Have only heard the something overdrive remix. This is beautiful songing. And yes I meant to write songing.

Been a day of music today. I really listened to Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds' Push The Sky Away for the first time today. It's a favourite album. The guy is a master song writer, story teller, singer and musician. All things considered, Surround Me by 3-11 Porter is probably shit in that it's their one and only hit, and Nick Cave has hundreds of beautiful songs and hits, but I still like it.

Been too busy to write much lately, but things are good. Another traveler co-worker left after too short a time and I was a bit unhappy about it. She was wonderful to work with, so very kind and gentle and intelligent, and her presence brought these qualities out in me, I think. Surround yourself with the kind of people you want to be, and you'll become that person. Fleur will be missed in the workplace, but unless I am badly mistaken, I think I have another friend.

It's sometimes easy to forget, but one of our motivations when starting the cafe was to make a place where we are all happy to come to. Both The Dreaded One and I had some bad experiences with employers and wanted to make sure that our workers didn't move on and feel the way we did about our bad employers. I think it's just about liking the people you choose and respecting them for who they are and what they do.

I think that they have all gone on to become friends who stay in touch after they leave, or who initiate after work drinks with us or social meets on the weekends... I think we're doing all right.

Surround yourself with good people. It's a beautiful thing.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Let Love Win

So much beauty it hurts. Hearing this, having seen these guys play live on the weekend, knowing the evil that is going on right now in the world... ergh. Headfuck.

I hope beauty and love prevails.