Wednesday, September 21, 2005

In Front Of The Green Door

Sometimes I think I could sleep forever, just like in the Dandy Warhols' song. Well not sleep forever - plenty of time for that when I die. But I think I could stay in bed forever. I could stay in bed and have minions bring me everything I need. “Minions! Bring me the papers! Bring me food and drink! Bring me sunshine and happiness!”

Actually, I would be hopeless with my minions. “Ooh would you mind terribly much if it isn't too much trouble... in fact no let me go...”

I have to go to work. I am wondering what lies in front of my downstairs neighbours' green door. They are renovating inside, lots of drilling and jackhammering, lots of dirt and dust. They put a red towel on the carpet in front of their green door so that those leaving can wipe the dust on it rather than walking dirt into the hallway carpet. One night, coming home drunk, I took the red towel by the corners and dragged it across to the right side of the door. We giggled at that, stupid as it was. I'm not sure why I did it. The next morning the towel had been dragged patiently back to the centre of the door. No one was watching, so I moved the red towel across to the left hand side of the door. Coming home later that day, the towel had been moved back directly in front of the door. I looked around, then quickly pulled the towel away from the door so that it was across the hallway, and went back upstairs to my flat. The next morning, the towel had been put back in its rightful place. Having a few minutes to spare (I always have a few minutes to spare, being chronically late for work), I took the red towel, went up stairs and put it in my flat. I grabbed a red woolen sock that had been taunting me for the best part of a week (its cohort MIA) and took it downstairs and placed it in front of my neighbours' green door. Upon returning home that evening, I was intrigued to see that my neighbours had replaced the red sock with a red thread. A single thread of red wool. It was in the shape of a question mark. Not to be outdone, I quickly stole a ball of red wool from my girlfriend's bag of wool (she knits scarves) and put it in place of the red thread. I wonder what my neighbours think of all this.

I have to go to work now. I'm running late. I am curious to see what lies in front of my neighbours' green door.

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