Saturday, February 17, 2007

Beyond Glamour

Just saw Meow Meow. The show started off the same as the one I saw last year and at one point when she was enlisting the help of audience members I said to The Dreaded One, "They are acting too funny and being too natural. They are all plants." My tone implied that I know such things.

Famous. Last. Words.

Minutes later I was dragged on stage with this utterly sexy and talented performer, holding the lyrics page while all sorts of physical mayhem went on with me and a bunch of other "plants".

At one point she crowd surfed to the back of the theatre before asking where are my lyrics, and I should have crowd surfed up there with the sheets. But fucking hell it's a bit daunting when you're not expecting to be up there in the first place.

She crowd surfed back down to the stage, kind of climbed on top of us all, did this head-height splits things with the other "plants" on stage supporting her and she prepared to sing. Looking at her rather nice, lingerie-clad arse, I thrust the lyrics sheet between her split legs for her to read, and consequently I now know what the laughter of a packed theatre sounds like from the stage.

Of the Sydney Opera House.

Cheap laugh. Nice sound.

Meow Meow is total babe and totally worth seeing. She is talented enough to let you know she can do the heart-fucked cabaret thing, but she's also got a wicked sense of humour.

Looking forward to writing the review to this one.


Rhino Vino said...

Dear Quick

I love a glass of rouge vino but I have a massive problem with red wine lips. Can you tell me what causes this and how to solve it?


Rhino Vino

Quick said...

Dear Rhino,

We'll move on to your stained lips in a moment. In the meantime, don't you think three languages in one sentence is a little jarring?



Ariel said...

Sounds good - will the show ever come to the UK do you think? three languages in one sentence? Maybe multilingual sentences are to do with zeitgeist. To me, it looks like deja vu, but then again, in Europe we tend to be exposed to other languages on a daily basis... ah, the European Dolce Vita, so good that most Brits want to go and live in Oz!

Quick said...

Hello Ariel.

Meow Meow claims to have no fixed address. She's a wanderer, so I don't doubt she'll be back in the UK at some stage. Do catch the show if you get the chance. My review turned into a love letter... hope the mag doesn't think I've gone too far.

Margarita Milongita said...

I have met Meow Meow as her real self- I think from memory her name is Melissa. She's a friend of one of the guys who tango's at Sidewalk and she came up during our last tango festival. She sat at my bar and I served her a few glasses of red wine. She was here to perform in the Speigeltent and we had a post show tango to a Gotan Project tune. Lovely lady.
I think she lives between Berlin and Paris... some people have hard lives.

Quick said...

Hello Miss M. Yes, I discovered that her real name is Melissa Madden Gray, and even her real self is amazing. She is so intelligent, articulate and talented. I am quite in awe of her. I think if I were to be in her presence with a few glasses it would be sublime and I would probably turn into a dribbling idiot. Not really, but it would be a lovely experience.