Monday, January 07, 2008

House Of The Holy Afro

Just got back from seeing this. I am still smiling. More camp than I was expecting, every bit as tribal and stirring as I was expecting. If you are in Sydney, please go and see it. It will make your soul happy. Being human is about dancing and having fun. Will try to write more about these sublime harmonies and kick-arse dance moves tomorrow.

Also, I pick up my new glasses tomorrow. My eyesight is not as perfect as it once was. They are sexy specs though.

And road trip is booked in... except some of it is air trip. Exodus next weekend, then Rainbow Serpent in Victoria. Happy? Hell yeah.

PS, Read comments for a few more details. It's Thursday now, and I'm outa here. Will be getting festy for the next week or so.


Anonymous said...

Did you take that photo? It's amazing.

quick said...

No. It is their press shot. It is pretty amazing though... but it doesn't hint at just how vibrant this show was. Bloody fun. FUN.

Kat said...

oh my god!!! went last night, that was the most amazing show... the whole soul being happy part, that is too true... going again Friday if you care to join ;P

quick said...

Hey Kat. Wasn't aware you still read this thing. I didn't get to write a more detailed review after all, but it was a crack up, wasn't it? Most African stuff I've seen is kind of reverent to the whole African spiritual thing, and while this more-or-less was too, it also had a lot of fun with it. After that long intro where they seemed to be calling on the ancient souls they turned everything on its head and came out jumping about in glittery tutus... I looked around and the whole place was smiling. No one knew what to expect.

Equally, though, I loved those goosbump moments where proceedings weren't straying too far from traditional song. Such beautifully haunting harmonies... and so much eye candy for the boys as well as the girls.

A real celebration of being human and being African.

Would love to go again on Friday, Kat, but I leave for Tenterfield in an hour or so. Will be all over the place for the next few weeks.

Kat said...

yep, not as much as I would like, but you know I love your work :)
It was absolutely brilliant, the atmosphere was unlike anything I have seen for quite some time, if ever. The intro blew me away, loved the whole show but the fat drumming pieces did my head in... tribal... can't be beat. You're right the traditional singing was goosebumpy... they have such a talent and rhythm in their blood... Have a great trip, don't get flooded in!! stay in touch and catch up when you are back in action :)

lapa said...

a profile like mine. like it very much. portugal

quick said...

Am always in action, Kat. (Wucka wucka wucka).

Am in Surfers Pffdice tonight, Byron Bay tomorrow. Why is Surfer's?

Thank you Portugal person. I like things too.

meva said...

Are you back yet? Did you have a good time? Did you get wet? Did you meet interesting people? Did you swim in a river and then swim in the sea? Do you have a favourite swimming place?

meva said...

(Did I have too much sugar this morning?)

Lapa said...

nice blog.

quick said...

Meva! Hello! Yes! I am back yet and I had a great time and I met (amongst loads of others) a couple of very cute mushroom-headed moth women so I suppose that's pretty interesting and also a big red bear who is actually a friend so I guess that's not technically meeting him, and yes I swam in a river and then the sea - how did you know that? Are you following me? Are you in fact one of the mushroom-headed moth women? And my favourite swimming place is either Boonoo Boonoo Falls (which is waterfalls and other assorted rivery stuff at a place called Boonoo Boonoo), or a jacuzzi.

And I think we know the answer to your final question. But that's okay because I had a guarana thingy and it's making things buzzy.

Will be posting pics and words before heading to Melbourne for Rainbow in a couple of days.

Thank you Lapa. Your blog is nice too... I think. I am not good at Portugese.

meva said...

Oooh! Salty and fresh!

And I do like mushrooms (of all kinds). But I think I actually have an unmushroomy-type head. (Sorry! I might be interesting in other ways.)

My favourite swimming place (so far) is Florence Falls. But I'm sure the Bonoo Bonoo Falls will blitz them.

Keep on blooggin', Lee.

meva said...

And salty swimming is still my fave (even better than NT falls or Kimberley gorges). Give me a wave to dive under and I'm a happy, happy gal.