Saturday, June 06, 2009

Get Out Of The House

I had to run across to Surry Hills Shopping Mall late one night last week for some last minute necessities. It can be a bit of a circus over there sometimes with some of life's fringe-dwellers passing through in all sorts of condition.

I went in, quickly hunted and gathered, got the hell out of there. As I passed an obviously down-and-out couple sitting on one of the benches, cheesy muzak playing emptily in the background, I overheard a bit of their conversation.

"But this is the second night we've been down here and it's been really boring both times."

She was obviously trying to convince him there was a better place to be. He was staring blankly at whoever walked past. It struck me as a particularly hilarious thing for her to have said. Brilliant!

Then as I returned to my warm, nice little home with its comfortable mess and its nice things, with its echo of friends and hugs and love and laughter, happiness and messiness, the full sadness of the woman's comment and the couple's situation really hit home.

There is funny shit everywhere... sometimes it's just not as funny as we think.


Y said...

So true. But then again, sadness for her might mean being stuck at home instead of spending the night out.

Kathryn said...


Lee said...

Exactly Miss Ching. Made me sad.

And yes, Kat. Yes. Zakly

Pure Gin! said...

I second or third the Yeses.

Lee said...