Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cowgirl by Underworld

Saturday and I'm having a bit of an Underworld fest. Would love to see them live again. They really know how to whip the crowd into a frenzy. I remember a DJ playing this track during the day, maybe Monday, at the last Rainbow Serpent and even that sent the crowd mental. I don't think I stopped grinning for the duration of the track - which on that occasion seemed to go forever. Awesome stuff.

I had to compile a list of 10 tracks that I'm into at the moment for an application to do stuff for a local independent radio station and it was surprisingly difficult. I'll bet everyone doing the same thing became as self-conscious as I was. You start trying to second guess them. You want to include stuff you think they will like. You want to demonstrate your cutting-edge taste. You want to make a unique list. You want to somehow convey that you approve of their playlist. You put in something new and something old. Did my head in.

But if I were making that list today, Cowgirl would definitely be included.

For the hell of it, here's the list I came up with. Self-conscious, perhaps, but honest. Really hard thing to do when your taste in music covers so much ground. Another day there would be another completely different list.

Scandal In New York (Satoshie Tomiie remix) – A kinky proggy number not heard nearly enough on the dancefloor. I opened my debut set with it. DJ friends told me it was ambitious trying to mix it into Wizzy Noise's Sabotage. They were soooo right. Great track though.

Kyio – Deya Dova – From her forthcoming album (can't recall the album's title), this is Deya at her best. Sweet and up-beat, sounds like it was made in Africa. Haven't heard the Luke Chable dance remix yet. It's bound to be good though. This Northern New South Wales performer deserves more airplay. The listeners deserve it too.

The Evangelist – Robert Forster – Came across this again recently and can't get it out of my head. The lyrics make an okay poem, but with the music and Forster's vocals it just crushes you under the weight of its sad beauty.

Only An Expert – Laurie Anderson – From her yet to be released (and possibly mythical) Homeland album, this is political, scathing, ironic Laurie in fine form. Harks back to her earlier Big Science stuff, only it's less cryptic.

Shamanik Concept – Tripy – New one from local psytrance producer Tripy. As melodic and trippy as the title would suggest. Sounds great on the dancefloor, good to listen to while kicking back on Sunday afternoon too.

Faery Spell – Lost Keys – Local to the Byron area, another world class Australian psytrance producer doing pretty things with the psy sound. Tracks like these last two have my non-psy friends asking what kind of music it is. Love new converts.

Paper Plane – MIA – I keep hearing this very infectious track, I keep liking it and I keep thinking about what is really going on under the guise of a catchy, breezy pop song.

15 – 20 – The Phenomenal Handclap Band - Again, heard this catchy, innocent sounding tune in heavy trafic and found it an ideal road rage diversion. I feel kinda soft admitting I like it.

Stagger Lee – Nick Cave – Played this vintage Bad Seeds track again the other day, because sometimes you don't want pretty, tinkly bits in your music, you just wanna be a bad-assed mutha swaggering through the dirty West (whilst singing in the shower). This is a very funnycool song.

Who Has The Marijuana? - Alien Project – A bouncy psy track sampling Southpark. Funny. Fun. Dancey. Perfect way to end a debut DJ set. The punters agreed.


Kathryn said...

Me loves da cowgirl. :)

word verification - float

Lee said...

As much as you loves da gherkin?

Chris Boyd said...

I have six of those songs on my poddy. (Seven if you count two different versions of the M.I.A. song!)

Should I put you out of your misery (or bore you witless) by telling you which? Oh, why not... Scandal, Evangelist, Expert, Plane, 15, Stagger.

And I don't skip any of them when they shuffle on...

Lee said...

You have most excellent taste in music, Mr Boyd. I don't know what you'd think of the psytrance tracks, but I would recommend Deya Dova with confidence, based on the overlap.

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