Wednesday, December 16, 2009

And At That Moment Everything Changed, A Review


Strangely, it was the title of this play that first appealed. As soon as I read it I had to find out what the play was about.

Playing at The Old Fitzroy in Woollooomoolloo, And At That Moment Everything Changed follows the arc of the relationship between Darla and Dave. They are a couple of best mates who almost against their better judgment decide to cross the line to the dark side and become lovers. They discuss old chestnuts such as whether girls and boys can in fact be close friends without sexual tension before taking the plunge, and we see the evolution of their coupledom over a big chunk of time against the backdrop of four Olympic Games.

It's not a new scenario and Darla and Dave are not the most original characters, and at least to this bum on a seat it seemed pretty obvious that that while they might be good mates, the character differences were great enough that they were probably doomed as a couple.

And yet something about it all clicked. Sophie Cleary as Darla and Yure Covich as Dave breathed life into what could have become characatures – she of a nervy, histrionic and insecure woman and he of a sport-obsessed bloke who loves few things more than beer, gaming and wanking.

That they created characters we cared about came down to some down-to-Earth acting and some understated but assured writing from Sarah Doyle that handled humour as well as it handled pathos. Genuine laughs here, and some moving moments. And most of us will recognise the awkwardness that comes from the struggle to retain individuality within the confines of coupledom.


Season Over

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