Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Acid Tongue, 3D World Issue 998

Funny that I'm still writing for 3D after leaving as music ed/staff writer about... erm... was it four years ago? Bloody hell.

Anyway, I got an email from the new 3D editor saying that the arts editor of Drum (formerly of 3D) passed my name on for Acid Tongue columns and another column called Underside. Effectively the same thing, which is pretty much the same kind of stuff I write in my Grumpy column for Tsunami.

I think I have to be quite flattered that each magazine has had several changes of editor and I'm still writing for both. 3D was a bit stop-starty after Turkey but hopefully now that Drum owns 3D there will be no more problems. I do like writing this kind of silly shit. This one was a result of a conversation I had with good friend Chloe, me giggling here in Australia as I wrote the Viking bits, her pissing herself laughing in New Zealand as she read what I was writing. Fun stuff.

And yeah, Like The Dreaded One said, it's old school. Think I have to stop writing about Vikings and Penguins.

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