Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Potato Is Broken

In the supermarket yesterday, The Dreaded One and I are doing the self-scan thing at the new self-scan check outs. We scan all of the stuff with the barcodes, then I come up with a brilliant idea.

"Wonder what would happen if I just kept trying to scan the potato."

"Don't," said The Dreaded One.

"No but it could be really funny."

"Just don't."

"If I just keep swiping it over the scanner like this..."

"Stop it."

"... and start looking frustrated with the potato, like this..."

"Really." (She was smirking by now).

"And then if I shrug and look around for one of the helpers..."

"Don't make them come over here."

"... and I look at him like, 'what the fuck is wrong with the potato? Stupid potato won't scan over the swiper thing like it's supposed to. Please come over and assist me with my broken potato please.'"


"He's coming over."

Shakes her head.

The assistant sounds very much like Apu the Kwik-E-Mart owner in The Simpsons as he explains, "No sir, I am sorry but there is no barcode in the potato. With the potato you simply put it on the weighing device and type in potato. Then the device will calculate how much is worth the potato."

We suspect that he eventually suspects that a bit of piss-taking has been going on because both of us are feigning sincerity through suppressed smirks.


Y said...

HEE Hheee heee..What a nightmare you are, Lee!

Pure Gin! said...

How much is worth the potato?

Kathryn said...

Ha! You silLee silLee goat. Very similar to our cab incident. ;-)

Lee said...

That's me Y - The Giggling Nightmare.

I don't remember how much is worth the potato, Gin, but never have I enjoyed a potato so much.

That cab ride was classic, Kat. Still makes me smile to think about it.

creepy dolly said...

you're right! it made me smile.

Lee said...

I'm glad, creepy dolly. And I read you post about your uncle a while ago. It made me sad. It made me want to give you a hug.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Hee hee mischief is always afoot :-D

You have to type in 'potato'? Suppose you can't spell putayto? Suppose you type in 'spud'?

Lee said...

Computer says no to spud.