Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A sandwich? Yes, I would like a sandwich. Oh, a sandwich.

So we're in the tourism place looking for info on getting a boat from Saint Raphael to St Tropez and there's a woman having a deep discussion with the tourism human in wounded English. I can't help but tune in, and the information she is trying to get out of him is where is a good place to get a sandwich. Seriously, unless you are blind (and given the distinct lack of walking cane or guide dog, I assume your eyes are okay), get outside and take a fucking look around. Tourism guy didn't graduate from Tourism Uni to tell people where to find a good sandwich... although he was good enough to mark a place on the map that does good sandwiches as well as home-made doughnuts.


Margarita Milonguita said...

Hey Lee- your travels sound tres wonderful. Here's a blog you may enjoy and connect with;

Guyana-Gyal said...

Tuning in [also known as eavesdropping] is a great past-time.

The natives of any place are SUPPOSED to know everything when the visitor / traveller asks [I say, tongue in cheek].

San Tropez, oooh you jet-setter you.

Lee said...

Thanks MM. Will check it out now.

GG, not jet-setter. Got the bus to St Tropez. Bus-setter? Off to Nice tomorrow. By train. Also a train-setter.

Melinda Simons said...

Honestly, my friend and I ate at a Randwick cafe recently.

I was able to order seafood paella, cooked fresh, but they looked at her like she was an alien when she ordered a vegetable burger.. and cheese.

"Ricotta cheese? Blue cheese?".

"No - just cheese. You know. Like a slice of cheese. Cheddar cheese".

"Hmm. I'll ask the cook if we have that. And would you like your vegetable burger on a white slice or a brown slice?"

"Ahh.. don't you have, you know, burger buns?".


Apparently the vege burger was terrible.. but my seafood paella was just divine!

Lee said...

I love a good burger. It's simple food that can be so good but it's stupidly difficult to find good ones.

Hmm... what happens if you ask for a paella burger?