Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Sleeping Dog

The best part of the day
Is when it's dark
And quiet,
Gentle and grey,
And there is the possibility
Of something.

The day will break,
but now there are lingering lights,
A hangover from the night.
And so many possibilities,
Of bright things.

In the early hours,
Time slows,
Time is gentle,
Time is quiet and grey,
And Out There is so far away.

I'm not happy in this grey,
This peace,
This hangover,
This shadow of possibility,
But at least that dog is quiet.

And I might just make it through to see
Another quiet,
Gentle, grey beginning,
Of another day.


Erin said...

Nice. I really like this one. Have been catching up on your blog. Miss you guys around here. Love Erin (and Ritchie Jay) xoxo

Lee said...

Thank you Erin. Much love back to you guys. Not sure when we'll be back up in Sydney but would love to catch up.