Monday, April 07, 2014

Conversations With Our Customers: Merle Thornton.

Merle Thornton is a regular customer. Months ago, shortly after we opened the cafe, she and her husband came knocking on our doorjust after we had closed for the day, wanting to come in for cold milkshakes. It was hot that day. I wanted to go home. I'm a bit appalled with myself for even thinking about not letting them in because I wanted to go home.

I said come in, of course come in. It was hot out there and we had the air-con on. Of course they should come in.

The husband, Neil, he's not well. Merle, she has a glint in her eye. You can see it in this photo. They come in for their milkshakes almost every day. Neil is extremely unwell, but this is how Merle looks most of the time.

Google Merle Thornton. I was going to give you a link, but fuck it. Do your homework.

And don't diss the old folk.


Bright Precious said...

Wow, Lee. Seriously, wow. What a woman. It's pioneers like her that I thank for fighting for our rights before I was even born. Give her as many milkshakes as she asks for, I say!

Lee Bemrose said...

She doesn't know I've researched her, so it's going to be funny to ask what happens if I refuse to serve her their caramel milkshakes. Is she going to chain herself to our cafe?