Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sales Reps... My Favourite People

I'm pretty good at just hanging up on telephone salespeople these days. Discount coupon schemers, energy consultants, they are all pretty annoying. I'm rarely rude to them because they are just a person doing something they are paid to do, but I am short and to the point with them. I do get a bit rude if they call back, or if they call during service. It's a cafe - here's a clue, don't call at lunch time.

Got a guy the other day who came into the cafe during a busy lunch. I thought he was a customer because he was waiting in line with the other customers. When I asked him what I could do for him, he presented his business card and told me that he represented a food supply company and he would like to supply our cafe.

I was pretty stunned. I mean, other sales reps, if they happen to come when it's busy, they wait at the side. You generally see them and when there's a gap you make contact.

But this guy waited in line, customers in front and behind. He did his introduction and brief sales pitch. I thanked him and said that we are very happy with our current suppliers. He didn't budge. He looked a bit affronted that I wasn't going to drop everything, sack our current suppliers and welcome him on board.

I repeated that we are very happy with our current suppliers but I'd keep his card if anything changed. He stayed there and asked who our current suppliers were, like he was perfectly entitled to engage in a bit of sales faff right there and then. I had to point out that he was standing in front of customers, that I wanted to serve my customers. He looked momentarily pissed off, stood to the side like he was going to wait and have another go before deciding that instead, he would leave.

Most stunning bit of amateurish sales repping I think I have ever seen. Quite brilliant in its awfulness.


Onion said...

Ugh...he really is an idiot! If its any consolation, I doubt he will have that job for very long.

Lee Bemrose said...

I'm half expecting him to come back and have another go.