Thursday, July 10, 2014

Conversations With Our Customers: The Soup, The Hug, The Scooter Dude

Strictly speaking, he wasn't a customer, but he promised that one day he would be.

New member of Team Awesome, Alyx, sits outside and has a bowl of The Dreaded One's minestrone, which many customers have declared the best they have ever had.

Grumpy watches from the inside as a guy on a little tiny scooter rolls to a stop and starts talking to Alyx. Grumpy assumes they must know each other, as there are smiles during the short conversation. Apparently the conversation went a little like this...

Little Tiny Scooter Dude, as he rolls to a stop: "Whoa. That soup looks awesome."

Alyx: "It's really good."

Little Tiny Scooter Dude: "I'm not hungry right now, but if I was I'd have some of that soup."

Alyx, smiling: "Okay. Good."

Little Tiny Scooter Dude: "I'll probably come back another time."

Alyx: "Okay. Cool."

Little Tiny Scooter Dude: "Yeah... you know, Melbourne's all right, but sometimes I just want a hug."

Alyx: "Oh. Right."


Little Tiny Scooter Dude: "But I won't hug you. Because you're eating soup."

Alyx smiles and nods and keeps eating soup. Little Tiny Scooter Dude climbs back on to his trusty steed and rides off into the sunset.

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