Sunday, August 03, 2014

Conversations With Our Customers - Awesomness!

I know what Lou is really singing about, but it's a song that can also apply to less troublesome things, to nice things.

Gorgeous day today. On our way to The Commoner Restaurant, one of our favourite Sunday lunch destinations, a person started waving frantically at us from across the road. I didn't know who the fuck it was. The Dreaded One waved back as we started to cross the road.
"Who the fuck is that?"I asked.
"I don't know."
"Then why are you waving back at them?"
"Because when people wave at me, I wave back at them. It's just what you do."
Then the stranger started calling out, "Awesomness! Awesomness!"
Turns out she is a new cafe customer who came in when our EFTPOS terminal folded its arms and said fuck you on Friday. She seemed nice, had no cash so I said she could leave an IOU. She gave me the money right there in the middle of Smith Street. Fortunately, the little man in my head with the names file found her name quite quickly.
Also turns out that her partner builds recycled wooden things. We are thinking about a communal table for the cafe. It was all quite funny.
Then we had a lovely lunch at The Commoner. Upstairs this time, treated well by the amazingly lovely Jo. Really do love that place. The flavours of the food, the care and attention to detail...
Such a perfect day.

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