Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Wish In The Darkness

I choose not to hate religious silly-billies who kill other religious silly-billies. I'm atheist; your books, to me, are nonsense but it's okay to study your books in my part of the world. I'm atheist, I do not believe there is a God (but there is a small part of me me who isn't sure... think about the universe for long enough and you come to the realisation that you know nothing).

But for fuck sake, please stop screaming at each other that God is great as you slaughter your fellow God-worshipping humans. Stop raping in the name of God. Stop murdering in the name of a Great Creator. Stop mutilating your Creator's creations. Stop believing that you are God. Stop destroying lives. Stop creating sadness and despair. Stop your pointless war of hatred against people who just want and deserve to enjoy a brief and peaceful life on Earth. Stop poisoning younger generations in other lands with your hate. 

Just. Fucking. Stop it.

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