Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Conversations With Our Customers: The Complaint

So we got a complaint in the cafe today. Apparently a customer didn't really like our Mexican tacos very much because of the rich, smoky flavour (that would be the chipotle in amongst all the other ingredients). She also found the soft tacos wraps to be a bit too... (struggles with what she is trying to say)... a bit too authentic. Apparently she was expecting - from our Mexican soft tacos - something "a bit more Australian."

Some complaints, you can live with. Like the time in our catering years when someone complained that our blue cheese had a bit of mold in it.

Love humans sometimes. They can be hilarious.


Y said...

I guess this means your tacos are amazing!!

Lee Bemrose said...

They are our most popular sellers, Y. We don't get many complaints about them, no.