Saturday, January 07, 2017

Self Esteem

My friend made a guitar,
A beautiful guitar
From the warmest wood
With his own hands.
Can you make a guitar
From wood,
With your own hands?

No, I cannot make a guitar
From wood
With My own hands.

I wove these threads
And made this thing,
This complex thing of knots.
Can you weave these threads
To make this complex thing of knots?

No, I cannot weave threads
To make complex knots
That make a thing of beauty.

My friend makes music,
She teaches music,
She is a creator of music.
Can you make music?

No, I cannot make music,
I cannot teach music,
I cannot create music.

I have this other friend,
This awesome friend,
His food is to die for,
It's seriously good food.
Can you make food that's to die for?

No, my food is ordinary,
I am no culinary wiz,
My food is not to die for.

That person there,
He juggles and twirls,
Look how he juggles and twirls,
A magician of movement.
Can you juggle and twirl?

No, I cannot juggle
And I cannot twirl.
I'm not a juggler or a twirler,
Certainly no magician of movement,
I am none of these things.

I know this guy,
This mega rich guy,
Who built his empire,
On plastic and rubber.
Can you build an empire
On plastic and rubber?
Any empire at all?

No, I am not an empire builder,
I know nothing of plastic
Or rubber
Or empires either.

In fact, I'm not very good
At Anything at all.

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