Sunday, November 12, 2017

Just Be Kind To Each Other

I don't like Christianity. Certainly don't like Islam and its current place in the sunshine of evil. Without the fairy story of Islam, there would be no evil Islam.

Alas, there is Evil Islam. ISIS exists because of Islam.

Religion has done more harm than it has done good. Religion has contributed nothing more to the human cause than common sense has. Common sense and respect for our fellow humans and other species, that's all we need. Not some 2000 year old prophet. Not the imaginary son of an imaginary god.

Just a sense of decency.

Fuck religion. Just be nice and, you know, kind to each other. It's so fucking simple.

And yet I've been in various parts of the world, Indonesia and Istanbul, and and I've heard the call to prayer and been moved by such beautiful sounds. The words being sung mean nothing to me, yet the sounds are so beautiful.

And now in my new home, I hear the Sunday bells of the nearby Christian church.

Again, such beautiful sounds, sounds without meaning, but such beautiful sounds.

Why can't religion - stupid religion - why can't its meaning resonate as purely as its call to prayer and its bell chimes do?

Be kind to each other. That's all we need to do. Just be kind to each other.

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