Sunday, June 24, 2007

Grand And Noble Achievements

This man has about three hundred million dollars... say it slowly... threeeee huuuuundred miiiiillion dooooollars... because he made a little white ball go into a hole lots of times. Clever man. Clever mankind.


Mel said...

he has about 200 million now ... *chuckles madly*


onya greg.

La Muck said...

Blimey. I can do that with two little white balls. Someone give me a couple of million! (Had to be careful there... I nearly said 'money', and opened myself up to all sorts of mockery...)
Clever mankind indeed.

Quick said...

That's right Mel - what a loser. Only 200 million? Pfft.

Hello La Muck. Where'd you come from then? And are you coming back or what?

I wish I had taken the putting of balls in holes a bit more seriously.