Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Writhe. Sweat. Saliva. Skin. Smell. Taste. Lick. Fuck. Moan. Give. Take. Take. Take. Give. Give. Tense. Heave. Suck. Scratch. Tense. Taught. Give. Release. Ohfuck. OhGodohGodohgood...

Her: (sighing) "Shit that was good."

Him: (sighing) "Yeah. Good. Um... can you get off me now?"

Pillow: (on face) "WHUMP!"


Kathryn said...

Intense stuff. Sex is good.



EmmaK said...

Funny....maybe you could phrase it differently next time, like "would you like to dismount from the trusty steed m'lady?" so's you don't end up with a pillow in your face again.

Z said...

Ah, but falling asleep locked together, waking, hot and sweaty and wet, a little later, wiping yourselves with the sheets and sleeping again in each other's arms, is worth any amount of transient discomfort.

But I'll forgive you, just about, if she weighs over 15 pounds more than you.

Mel said...

I have one matching that ...

Kiss. Nuzzle. Lick. Moan. Nibble. Taste. Suck. Tickle. Caress. Thrust. Sigh. Push. Pull. Squeeze. Quiver. Tremble. Gasp. Scream. Shake. Contract. Release. Fireworks.

Him: (heart about to explode) Damn!
Her: (covered in sweat and him) Happy Valentine's Day, Get Off Me!

Hee hee...

Quick said...

Kathryn - Sex is indeed intense stuff. It's also very silly. I'm just never sure how soon after the intensity the silliness should, erm, come.

Emma - You misread. It was her good lady's face against which mine pillow did whump. I really did want her to get off me.

I agree Z. But sometimes the silly gland doesn't know its time and place... or perhaps it does.

Mel - that is a lovely Valentine's Day sentiment. Warms the, erm, cockles of the heart.