Saturday, July 21, 2007

Who The Hell Is Crash Tyler?

Last night I dreamed I had completed my crime novel and had taken the manuscript to an agent. They liked it and wanted to have a meeting. The agent is a real one who I once sent a dodgy novel manuscript to and I didn't want to jeopardise my chances with this one, so I was using a false name. The pen name my sleeping mind gave me was Crash Tyler.

In real life I have a different name to the one I was born with, and as far as pen names and nicknames go I've been (or tried to be) a variety of different names, and I am always coming up with names for characters in stories. I have never thought of the name Crash Tyler. But that was the name my subconscious mind was having me introduce myself as to my agent.

I quite like it. I may have to build a story for Crash to live in.


Geoffrey said...

I got goose-bumps reading this! You absolutely must must MUST create this character. May I suggest another blog ... and serialisation? One chapter a week? DO IT! Publishers are scouring the blogosphere.

Geoffrey said... ... if you don't do it, I will!

Lee B. said...

Haha. He's loitering in the wings waiting for his moment. Right now I'm quite into trying to score an interview with Bubba Shaggins.

Not to mention the Quick crime novel. Started the second chapter yesterday.

Pure Gin! said...

I love the name. And it's very manly.

Anonymous said...
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Melograna said...

Crash Tyler sounds as though he would write himself. Give him his due.

meva said...

Did you know that Crash Tyler is an anagram of Last Cry Her. Also Archly Erst, which is a superduper name in itself.

Lee B. said...

Gin - Hmm... maybe my dream brain was telling my actual name is not very manly. Which it's not.

Melograna - Your blog is intriguing. Quite like it. Shall be back. Thanks for dropping by. How did you find this one? And yeah, Crash Tyler sounds like he can do any damn thing he wants to.

Meva - also Her Last Cry. Him. I feel a song coming on... Her Last Cry by Crash Tyler, who sings like Chris Isaak.

Pure Gin! said...

Yeah, "Lee"'s a girl's name. So is "Quick".

Lee B. said...

Gin Gin Gin... Lee is sometimes a girl's name, at other times it is the slightly girly name of a not very girly manly man. Ok?

Quick is also not a girl's name.