Sunday, December 16, 2007


My previous post made me think of this post. I'm a sucker for this kind of story. And this kind of story, part one and part two. Both these stories should knock your socks off because they are both brilliant stories by excellent writers.

And it's pathetic but that's all I have to offer you after this long week of awfulness in which a part of me is dying. My wonderful little clothing shop will be closing its doors in about two weeks. Such a magical little place in which I've met so many wonderful people and made some cool friends... it's going to be gone and I'm a bit not-very-happy about it, to say the least. The Dreaded One is sad too.

But fuck it. There's always newness and new beginnings and re-invention. You just have to find your new happy thing.


Y said...

Pity about your shop. I never got a chance to visit it either. I guess things like that do happen, but what's sad about it is that a friend seemed to be primarily instrumental in it's undoing.

Have you read much Murakami? I can lend you a few books if you want.

quick said...

It's more than a pity. I have felt sick every day for a long time knowing that Ann and I didn't have the time to commit to something that had the potential to be such a good thing. And people change. Some friends you can shed. I treasure my true friends.

Only Murakami I have read is called something like A Wild Sheep Chase. At the time, I didn't really get it. I loved the short story though. Kinda short and epic at the same time... and so exquisitely sad.

Burd said...

Thanks for linking to that story Quick, means a lot you think that much of it :)

Also, I love Murakami, don't try to understand it too hard, it will only make your brain ache, read The Wind Up Bird Chronicles (it won't give you instructions on how to annoy me). Rly beautiful, vague and surreal book.

quick said...

You are welcome, Wordy Birdy. You should do something with that story and maybe a couple of others. Like send it to a publisher.

I think i was the first music editor to give Gotye's Boardface Album Of The Week. He has rightly blown up since then, talented bastard he is. I have the same feeling with your writing when you are hitting it.

So I think you should do something with it to prove that I am right again please.

Burd said...

Sadly publishers no wanty short stories, they wanty novels. Also, I can't handle rejection :)

Kathryn said...

At least you were able to have the shop in your life. Perhaps you guys need this transition at the moment and later on you will be thankful things happened this way. Good luck with everything. Have fun at the dance fests, wish I were there to have a stomp, too! :)

Betty Boop said...

Sorry to hear about the shop I know how much u love it - bummer the whole things so icky at the moment - i hope once its all over and finalised u feel better

thinking of u - even when i'm being horrendously self absorbed xxx

quick said...

There are markets for short stories, Berd. There are competitions for short stories. Shut it and get out there and make me proud.

Hey Kat - yeah, all will be good after it's all blown over. Thing is we've both grown accustomed to being part of this focal point for travelers and general psytrance types, as well as those who will never be part of that tribe but wander in, intrigued.

We may do something else in the future. Who knows? And maybe some time in the future we'll have a stomp together.

Sorry I've not been around Miss Boop. Long days, late finishes. We will have wine and talk soon. I can feel it.

Bohémienne said...

I, too, am sorry to hear about your shop closing. It sounded absolutely enchanting.

You're right... Burd is a real talent.

quick said...

It was enchanting, Bohemienne. There is talk of another venture which will be more enchanting, if we are able to one day go through with it. And it will work because there will be focus and no outsiders involved.

Burd is actually Bird and I have no idea why she is spelling her name like turd, but yeah, she's okay I guess.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Letting go is always hard. I'm seeing my cousin, now living in the USA, try to let go of living here, it's so painful. But I like your thought about new beginnings.

It's true what Burd says, publishers don't want short stories. I wonder what the reading public wants, isn't that what sells?