Saturday, December 01, 2007

Meow Meow Pt 981

I was supposed to interview Meow Meow a couple of days ago. I stuffed up and couldn't make the call. Asked to re-schedule but didn't think it would happen. I asked for Saturday because between then and now I was looking down the barrel of 10 to 15 hour days all with midnight finishes. Surprisingly the publicist said Meow Meow was cool with that provided it was in the afternoon and asked me to pick a time. I said 2pm because it meant only taking on hour off work. I just called and she said she had it in her (ravishing) mind that it was meant to be at 3pm and could I please call her back then.

If you know Meow Meow you will suspect, as I do, that she was simply having her way because I am Mere Male and she is Meow Meow.

I am sitting on my hands right now waiting to call her back at 3pm. I have no idea what to expect.

Actually, I think I have some idea.


A persom who is not Lee or quick said...

So how did the interview go, Lee?

quick said...

It was lovely, A Person Who Is Not Lee Or Quick. She was lovely. I felt dumb in her phone presence. She comes across as all that is good in people. She's lovely. Did I mention that she is lovely? Because she seemed lovely. I think that she is probably lovely.

definitely not lee or quick said...

Is she just lovely? Because she comes across as really smart too. Just wondering.

quick said...

I have to say right here that this is the first time I've read so many anonymous comments outside of certain other arty blogs. Gee, sometimes it seems like some people are just trying to appear popular.

Anyway. Yeah anonymous poster who is definitely not me. Meow Meow is as brainy as she is lovely.

Kathryn said...

Most certainly not quick or lee (wait, lemme check---no, most certainly not):

Another Meow Meow interview? You are on a hot buttered roll, Lee. She sounds like all the nice things you say times a sugar cookie. Very pretty, too.

And here's a napkin for your drool. There's still a dabble on your chin.

quick said...

Hey Kat.

This is the first Meow Meow interview I've done. I did do a review of a show, but I haven't spoken to her at length prior to this. It was an experience that left me distractedly happy.

Replaying my little tape, I'd taped over someone else and now Laurie Anderson rolls into Meow Meow, and they are my two favourite interviews of 2007.

Ta for the napkin. I drool because they are gorgeous women, but I also drool because they are wonderful humans. I love how they look at life and I appreciate their gift to us. It is drool of respect and utmost admiration that I drool, but I'll dab it from my chin regardless.

Margarita Milonguita said...

Oh to be like Meow Meow... I think I'm just a pussy...