Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Wet Spots: Questions Please

I have to interview The Wet Spots in the next couple of days. They're a musical comedy act from Canada who apparently sing songs about things you shouldn't put into your bottom, doing the labia limbo (I'm hopeless at exotic dancing so I don't think I'll attempt that one), a strange sounding activity called 'fisting' (which is probably a typo that was mean't to be 'fishing'), and apparently their show involves a fair bit of arse-spanking too.

I think they sound like a bit of a crack up. They'll be appearing at The Studio, Sydney Opera House between February 27 - February 29. My deadline to have the story done is February 19. Check out their website and their blog and if you can think of any questions you'd like me to ask them, leave them in the comments box and I'll see if I can include them in the story. If I get enough entertainingly raunchy and twisted questions I'll do the whole piece as a Q&A, with credits to the filthy minds who came up with the questions, of course.

And if I don't get any interesting questions... you're all a bunch of lazy bastards and you can go to hell.

Ooh - update. I've just been reading some of Cass King's writing. Very funny stuff and well worth checking out.


quick said...

For example... While arses seem to have been added to the human anatomy purely for the purpose of spanking, pinching, biting or scratching, these activities almost never feel as rewarding when self-inflicted as they do when done by a second, third or even fourth party. Why is this so?

Kathryn said...

Ask them if they include 'rimming' in their show and while you're at it please have them define what a 'rim' or 'rimming' is since I am ignorant. It sounds particularly filthy and I want to know if I'm right.

quick said...

Hey Kat. I forgot to ask about rimming... but I think you know exactly what it is anyway. I had intended to ask them to write a song about it and dedicate it to Kat From Illinois, but alas...

Incidentally it was a bloody fun chat. One of my opening questions was the one I wrote above (a hard-hitting question?) and it got a good laugh from Cass. She explained that the appeal of spanking is the element of surprise and that it's a bit hard to spank yourself unexpectedly.

They are a very lovely couple. Very much in love and having fun, like flying interstate to be at orgies. (Me: Was it worth it? Cass: Oh yes!).

I asked what the most romantic thing they had done was, and Cass said that when John went out on his first date with a girlfriend after they got married, she ironed his shirt for him. There is actually a genuine sweetness in that.

Anyway, I have close to an hour of phone conversation to capture in a 600 worder... fucking difficult. I'll see if I can do something with the stuff I can't fit in the story and maybe try to post it here.