Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Name Is Rachel Corrie

Should be in bed but I had to stay up to finish a story for Drum. Did the interview the other day with the director of the Australian premier of My Name Is Rachel Corrie. I enjoyed the interview and I know it went well because later the publicist emailed and said something like so I heard that went well. The publicist could only have gotten that feedback from the director.

If you know me you know I haven't studied a Goddamn thing in my life. I like writing Silly and sometimes I'm good at it. I also like writing Sad. And dark And Disturbing. but I'm amateur at all of them.

I haven't known about interviews and making stories out of them, but I'm getting to be not too bad. This was the first phoner I haven't squirmed at even a little bit. The story, I think, works. (Although I'd like to have had another thousand words).

Helps when the topic is so interesting. My Name Is Rachel Corrie is about a 23 year old peace activist who was killed in Gaza in 2003. Complex and really quite moving stuff. Apparently the entire text of the play is her writing. Creators Allan Rickman and Katharine Vine have played with time lines but have basically edited Rachel's words from her emails and diary entries into a play.

Looking forward to seeing the play. Will post my interview with Shannon Murphy when it's out in the mag.

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