Monday, April 14, 2008

Thoughts From A Cold, Walnut Sized Brain

You know what shits me most about the mental midget who left the comment about me being inept in the previous post? It's not their criticism, it's the fact that they did it anonymously. How pathetic can you be? I have to write stuff about the work of others, which is something I've always had a bit of a problem with (for the last couple of years that I've been doing it), but my name always appears at the end of the review, positive or negative. Clumsily written or well written.

And some limp-dick thinks it's okay to slag me off without leaving their name.

Humans can be so dreary.


Kathryn said...

Look, it's easy for the anonymous or Barneythebum or whatever to leave criticisms on your blog but are they out there writing reviews? Where's your article that was published and is so much better? If they saw the play and liked it, fair enough. There are others out there who disagree and that is OK.

quick said...

It's all fine. I'm amused by the fact that there are so many good reviews of the play out there that one negative one should cause anyone to be so upset.

And I'm particularly amused by the assertion that because I like dance music there must be something wrong with my judgment. Brilliant.

meva said...

It seems very odd to me that a critic should be attacked personally because of a disagreement over a review. You were doing your job, those other two were being thugs.

Guyana-Gyal said...

The person was trying to annoy you.

I got a similar comment on another local blog...I thought of tons of things to say to him [I think it's a him] then my stupid computer broke down [in Jan.] Ha, I bet he felt stupid because he thought I ignored him.

quick said...

True Meva, but accompanying my review were my doubts about it. And it would be equally wrong if a reviewer couldn't take criticism. I think I'm going to work out a kind of template to work to so that when I do get home late at night and have to pretty well send in a first draft, I'll at least have included a few basics (playwright's name, key players etc).

And true, GG. Best not to dwell on it.

Chris Boyd said...

This is scary. I just got the latest copy of The Big Ish. And the cover story is about returned Vets!