Friday, September 19, 2008

Bill Bailey/Tinselworm Interview for Drum Media

Bugger. The bottom image was meant to be at the top and the top one at the bottom. My brain is noodle.

Anyway, this is my piece on Bill Bailey, finally out manny manny weeks after doing the interview. I really tried to avoid all the usual stuff and thought I had a couple of good quotes, but he did the Lisa Simpson bit on Denton verbatim. I know it's how these people have to do things but it was still disappointing.

Chatting to Manny was not. Bill is, I'm pretty sure, a very good man. It was a pleasure and fun and I wish I could have written more. Still, all good. It's the cover story for Drum's arts section in Sydney as well as Perth, so far. I think they'll also be using it in Melbourne and Brisbane.

I think I'm seeing his show next week, just a couple of nights after seeing Meow Meow's Vamp. Am I looking forward to next week? I think so. Much laughs to be had.


Kathryn said...

"My brain is noodle." This perfectly describes my state of mind today.

Shall read the article soon, I'm sure it's funny. :)

Y said...

Cat coffin.. hahaha.. great article, Lee :)

Lee said...

Thanks Kat. The article is not as funny as Mr Bailey was. There was a bit of a stuff up with tickets and I accidentally had to see him on Saturday night. All very last minute and I had to leave work to make it, which was expensive. But I really wanted to see him. Unfortunately Ann couldn't also leave work early so I've had to keep telling her what an awful and horrible time I had and that he was not funny at all and that no I didn't have this perfectly lovely woman next to me to chat to at intermission and that it really was an awful and horrible night out.

And thanks Y. I don't really know what I'm doing. I just kind of go with what feels right. I must be doing something right because both the editor and publicist went to trouble to make sure I got into his final sold out gig on Saturday night. It was very much appreciated.

Even if, in the end, it was a horrible, horrible night.

Y said...

Heh. Oh what a shame it was so horrible. I'm sure Anne totally believed how horrible it was :D

Lee said...

Yeah, she'd watch me deadpan as I'd laugh and say, "Oh and then he did this other hilarious bit about hamsters..." Then I'd cut my laughter short, shake my head sadly and say, "It was horrible. Really horrible."