Sunday, August 01, 2010

Boom Bound

I'm finding loads of interesting relics in packing everything up. This is me and The Dreaded One a million years ago. There are some even funnier photos I hope to get around to posting. We seem to have always been laughing, seem to have always been a bit in love.

Well it's coming to crunch time. I do not have to see the wrong side of 4am again for the foreseeable future. I quit my job and The Dreaded One finishes hers on Tuesday. On Wednesday August 11 we jump on a plane just after 4pm and go Singapore/Frankfurt/Madrid. We stay in Madrid for about a week before heading to Boom with friends. We are finally going to party at Boom. There's been a lot of stress leading up to this... selling your home just isn't something that a lot of sensible people would recommend, but that's what we've done. Largely because the money people are willing to pay at the moment isn't all that sensible so we thought we'd cash in and fuck off, basically.

We've almost finished packing. The garage is full of labeled boxes. We're almost done. There is the minor issue of me losing my passport with only 8 working days until we leave, but it's okay because I can get the new passport fast tracked to two days... except I seem to have also misplaced my birth certificate. Numbnut. Seriously, I am so anal about this kind of stuff and never lose anything, but there you go. I have to get to the births, deaths and marriages place tomorrow for the birth certificate and then to the passport office on Tuesday for the passport. Both places are just near Lee Street so I'm taking this as a sign that as unnecessary as this drama is, all will be fine.

There were weird emotions leading up to all of this. I don't think you can do something this big and not feel some turmoil. I haven't been able to feel happy or excited, but these feelings are now starting to come through. I am unemployed. I am about to head over to a brilliant part of the world for an amazing party, then drifting for however long seeing wonderful things and visiting friends. I am very fortunate. Weirdly I am getting excited about every stage of the trip at once. I'm looking forward to the party (Boom just this morning posted photos of the seeing up of the stages and it's weird to think we will be there in less than three weeks); I am looking forward to seeing Barcelona again; I think I am looking forward to going to Ibiza; I want to be lost in a world of art and architecture again; I'm excited about being in New York in winter, not something I ever thought I would do; I can't wait to experience whatever San Francisco has to offer. And I am looking forward so much to catching up with all the friends these places are minding for me.

And home. Already I am looking forward to Rainbow Serpent next year. I am really looking forward to seeing all my Australian friends again at that wonderful party. I know it's a long way off and I am going to focus on the here and now while far away, but I am looking forward to that party so much. And then setting up our new life in Melbourne.

I feel little like I did when I left my job at 3D to go to Turkey for Soulcipse. We are not doing what the financial advisers would recommend, but fuck it's going to be fun.

Just got to get this passport nonsense sorted out. Quickly.

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