Friday, August 27, 2010

Postcard From Sintra, Portugal

Hello from Sintra, Portugal. Just a brief mesage to say we,re traveling well and had an amazing time at Boom. It was seven or so days of party mayhem and I loved every minute of it. Came out feeling quite battered and bruised and very sore. The site is massive... I´m not sure that it´s a better party than Rainbow but it´s certainly bigger. It´s like two full Rainbows... triple Rainbows!

Partied with Nick and and Renata and met a few others. Managed to meet up with Lucie too. Have loads of great photos to upload when we get the chance, it´s just a bit difficult dealing with this internet cafe in Portugal. Have laughed a lot, danced a ridiculous amount and yeah, have had moments of missing a few friends a lot. A LOT.

Goddamn this weird Portuguese keyboard.

Not a lot more to say right now. Nick and Renata have just left for Spain and home in Prague and we have to decide where to for us next. It´s supposed to be meeting Lucie in Lisbon but Sintra is insanely pretty so we might stay another couple of days, then head to Lisbon and back to Spain. I haven´t really done this kind of unstructured traveling before. I also hadn´t used a bidet before but have now. TMI? Sorry.

Whoever you are, I hope you´re well. Got to go now and soak up a bit more Sintra vibe and vino blanco. And yeah, it´s supposed to be in Portuguese but my pathetic Spanish has to suffice. Seems to work.

More to come as soon as I manage it.


Margarita Milonguita said...

Muy celos, Signor Lee. Call me when you and Lady Ann get to Melbourne..xx

Lee said...

Will do.