Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cool Like Amanda Palmer

Geeze, what's with the Palmer infatuation lately. First Chili, now Amanda... although to be fair the Amanda Palmer thing has been going on for a while. She's a favourite blogger. I love her honesty, her sense of fun and adventure and her heart. She's got a big one. Read this blog post about the cuddling monk and her and husband Neil Gaiman's reaction to it. Weird, funny, beautiful, just like Amanda Palmer.

Also, because I don't feel like writing much at the moment, here is a link to a recent interview with the director of a new theatre company (Mello Yellow) in Melbourne. I haven't seen the production talked about but it's by award-winning New Zealand playwright Thomas Sainsbury and it sounds pretty good. I was also drawn into this because of the very funny Steph's handling of our interaction. Vibe says yes. I'm planning to review the performance in a couple of weeks.

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