Saturday, July 02, 2011

Steampunk... The Way Things Should Be.

The Dreaded One and I saw Circus Oz, Steampowered last Friday night. Steampunk was the theme and needless to say, it was a pretty awesome show. My full review for Australian Stage is here.

But what I did want to share here was my version of karma. A little thing happened last night that wasn't karma, because I don't really believe in karma, but it was The Way Things Should be.

I collected my tickets from the box office with the usual confusion about names etc. Review tickets are often booked through someone else and there's always a couple of moments of wondering if the tickets were actually there. Name. Confusion. Rifle throught the files and names scrawled last minute on sheets of paper. Then the box office person said, "Lee, is it?" I said yes and she handed me the envelope.

It wasn't until we took our seats in the big top that I saw in better light that the name on the envelope was Bree. I told the Dreaded One. We talked about it. I could have easily just said fuck it, not my problem. But I hate that feeling of being left stranded at the box office knowing that you really should have tickets waiting for you but feeling like you're blagging unjustified freebies. So not wanting Bree to miss her tickets, I took them back out to the box office and explained what had happened. They remembered me, understood the Bree/Lee thing and looked for my tickets. I started to think I had done the wrong thing in doing the right thing because they could not find any tickets under my own name. We finally figured out that the tickets had been booked in the editor's name (she had definitely told me tickets were in my name) and all was sorted. Back inside, we moved to our proper seats (marginally better ones) and I had a coupon in the envelope for a program, which Bree hadn't had, so I had done the right thing. We were only a few seats away and saw Bree take her seat, not knowing the trouble we had spared her.

At intermission, The Dreaded One realised she had lost her bag. We looked everywhere in the area, under the seats etc before realising that she must have left the bag when we moved seats. Bree was not there but neither was the bag. However, on checking with lost & found we found that Bree had done the right thing and returned the bag with everything inside.

So. Karma? I don't think so. It's just The Way Things Should Be. Everyone does the right thing, everything will be fine.

Circus OZ - Steam Powered from Speaker TV on Vimeo.


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