Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rainbow 2013, Maitreya 2013, Grumpy And The Katana Of Friendship, Camille O'Sullivan and Imogen Kelly.

Got back yesterday from Rainbow Serpent 2013, which came close to not happening. Photos are here.

The festival was as good as ever. Well maybe not. Less friends there due to the Eclipse Festival in Cairns earlier which chewed up the funds and time off for many people. Camped with some good people, and frustratingly didn't find some people I wanted to camp with. I joked about not catching up with them for the entire weekend, and that's exactly what happened in the end. Bumped into so many randoms and old friends, but not these new friends. Not for the whole weekend.

Still, can't complain about four days of dancing and decadence in the sunshine. I still live for this kind of stuff. Maitreya festival in early March for a delayed birthday party for The Dreaded One and me. Good friends are coming down from Sydney... sweeeeet.

Speaking of friends, here is my new Grumpy column in Tsunami Mag about Friendship. Or one friendship. A not quite friendship. It's called Grumpy And The Katana Of Friendship, and I'm pretty happy with it. I think it's pretty funny. And as always, it's a completely true story... well almost completely true story. Embellished is a nice word, isn't it?

Also, seeing Camille O'Sullivan again tomorrow night, this time in something completely different. Interview I did with her is here.  I think I'm the only writer to not have used the word 'chanteuse' in the story. I'm also doing something with Imogen Kelly, Australia's burlesque queen of the wold (officially) shortly and am hoping seeing her at The Spiegeltent in a few weeks.

And finally for this post, how exciting! Prime Minister Gillard has just called the next election date! Thrilled?

Nope. Whatever.

Do read Grumpy And The Katana Of Friendship if you feel like a smile. I can't give a rat's arse about Australian politics.

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