Saturday, February 02, 2013

It's A Dream, You Idiot

I just had a dream in which a friend was hitting on me, was really pushing for sex. I was refusing because it would be wrong - we're both in relationships. But she kept pushing (literally) and I kept saying no and moving away (even though part of me thought it would be shitloads of fun).

Then a voiceover came on and said, "It's a dream, you idiot. Go for it."

I said oh yeah, you're right. So I went for it. We really got into it. I... erm... went down on my friend and she had the most amazing, long and loud orgasm. It was quite beautiful and as sexy as it gets.

But we didn't go further because suddenly there were other people in the room, and although they seemed to be taking all this nudity and sex in their stride and not judging us, we knew that even if it was a dream there were still limitations. The door swung open and people were walking past, glancing in but walking on by.

So we got dressed and my friend kissed me and told me next time it was my turn. We basically made a date for next time.

And I woke up feeling pretty fucking odd.

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