Sunday, February 17, 2013

Grumpy With Friends

Well as it turns out, 2013 has gotten off to a pretty weird-arsed start. I've realised that the quiet, outsider me is still very much there. All that's happened is over time I've managed to find (they have found me) some really good people who I'm relaxed with and that brings out the confident version of me. I've been reminded that there are emotionally retarded, irrational people out there and that they can make things unpleasant simply because they view the world in a very self-centred way. My friends, my good friends, are generous, caring, intelligent people. I love them dearly and have new-found appreciation of them. I miss them and look forward to seeing them again. (My Nadia and my Cuff buddy are visiting for Maitreya in a few weeks... bring it on).

I recently said to one friend, fuck humans, I'm going back to being a recluse. Typical of the things I used to say. She said the things that a true friend would say, and of course I was only half joking. I am genuinely not very interested in making new friends... in fact that's probably always been the case; I have always felt my friends have found me because I don't go looking.

Having said that, out at a day party in the park yesterday, The Dreaded One and I lay out our plush red blanket and settled in for a day of just us with other people who knew each other. We're pretty good at spending loads of time together so all was cool. But someone came over and said hello, gave us a hug, brought her things over to sit with us. Clearly we had met before but I was rusty. It was one of those situations where you've forgotten details and it's obvious and these days I don't bother with tricks, I just asked what her name was and soon we were talking. Confident me made a reappearance and she was laughing and telling us we had really good stories. She seemed genuine and funny and spoke only of positive things about other people. I admire and respect that in a person. A friend of hers joined us, then more friends and soon there was quite a group of us. And they were all cool and funny and interesting. The music was pumping, I danced, people on the dancefloor talked to me and there was no nonsense. This was what life was about. Joy. Kindness. Laughter. Meeting good people. Music. Dancing.

Which brings me to my new project. As I haven't told you, Tsunami mag/website has folded and my Grumpy column is no more. It must be approaching 10 years now so it's not been a bad run. Gutted, yes, I was; I'll fess up here and say that many times, writing that column brought me out of really dark moods, possibly actual depression. And for so long I got to tell people that I have my own humour column, which was good for my self esteem. No more. But I think of that little saying, don't be sad that it's over, be glad that it happened. It was a fun ride. And I do need to compile The Book Of Grumpy.

Meantime, I'm doing something called Grumpy With Friends. I woke up last Sunday with the thought that fuck me I know a lot of creative people. I'm lucky enough to interview people like Nick Ravenswood and Imogen Kelly (as well as all the really famous people I've done over the years - put interview into the search box if you're interested), but I personally know some really good DJs, music producers, actors, writers, globe trotting hair dressers, film makers, pixies, fashion designers... why don't I interview them? They have equally interesting stories to tell as the ones with higher profiles.

So that's what I'm going to do. It's just for this blog and it's just for fun, but they get to tell their stories, I get to do what I enjoy so much (engage with these creative types) and hopefully it will make for some good reading. It makes me happy to do this kind of thing. The response, when I put it out there, was pretty solid, and I think once the ball gets rolling, others will be interested.

Grumpy With Friends, it's going to be fun.

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