Thursday, October 23, 2014

Imagine No Batshit Crazies

What the fuck is going on in the world? Idiots in a desert calling on  holy war in the name of some guy in a book, and idiots in other parts of the world killing innocent bystanders in the name of the idiots' agenda.

Sadly, the civilised part of the world has no other option to respond to this idiot, psychotic aggression. And nothing good will come of that.

But what else? What else does the civilised world do in the face of this archaic, barbaric idiocy?

Nothing good - absolutely nothing - has come from  religion that you can't get from compassion and common sense. Why are we as a species so superstitious? And how as a species have we seemed to degenerate into such levels of hatred, genocide and probably suicide? What is wrong with us?

Above, there is a lovely clip from John Lennon. I think he understood.

I've included, below, a lost verse from this great song of love and peace.

Imagine no batshit crazies,
It's blissful if you try,
No idiocy to deal with
You just poke 'em in the eye...

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