Monday, February 16, 2015

Awesome Pants

Yesterday at a restaurant at Brighton beach, just as we were leaving, a young waiter dude came over to me and said, "Man - sorry but can I just ask where you got those pants? They're awesome." I told him that I got them at Rainbow, and this started a very, very, very enthusiastic conversation about festivals, Maitreya, psytrance and just how much the young guy loves psytrance and and and...

I think he'd probably had a pretty good night the night before. I didn't think he would be quite so enthusiastic later in his shift. I also thought it was pretty funny that he was having this kind of conversation with someone literally old enough to be his father.

I also recognised a kindred spirit and told him to feel free to drop into the cafe some time and we can talk some more about all things doof.

Was kind of cool meeting someone new to the scene who loves it so much.

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