Thursday, March 03, 2016

Off To Adelaide Fringe

Things Lee Is Really Shit At Number... oh I've totally lost count. But packing for two nights away when it's hand luggage only... how the hell do you do that shit? How am I supposed to know on Thursday night what I'll feel like wearing on any of the occasions in the following days? (Yes, it's a weekend of occasions... Like seeing Juliette Burton's Look At Me and Betty Grumble's Grumble:Sex Clown Saves The World. Naturally there will be lunches... der).

I need packing minions.

At least the tickets arrived. Way to send me into a nervous breakdown - tell me after I book the tickets that you'll be sending them interstate IN THE POST? Who does that? In this age of the internet and scanning codes and scanners and insto info, who in the hell puts printed tickets in an envelope and sends them in the post with only days to spare? I'm a lot of things, but I'm not a fucking adrenaline junky. Usually I never check the letter box, but every day this week... FFS. I never want to put myself through that fucking ordeal again.

And now, of course, there's every chance I'll misplace the tickets or leave them behind or something. Fuck me, Adelaide Fringe Festival - this just isn't funny. It's mean. You bastards.

Right. Back to this "packing" ordeal.

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Mel Brandle said...

Post seems rather medieval to be honest! But I'm sure the Adelaide Fringe Festival Organisers have options aside from posty service right? Perhaps in-person collection in addition to soft copy options?