Thursday, October 26, 2006

Meet Debz... or: The King & I.

I accidentally... oh the details are unclear, but I'm pretty sure they said king, but typically I was looking at the canapes or something, but The Dreaded One says they said king, so king it is.

Anyway, was going to write it and then chatted to a friend about it and so I've cut and pasted the conversation here. Once you get past the bits about decks and bogeys you'll get to the king bit. And it's a bit funny.

debz says:

Grumpy says: hmmmm?


Grumpy says: woo hoo.

Grumpy says: !

Grumpy says: !!

debz says: and i got my technics on the weekend


Grumpy says: coowool.

debz says: and and playing at a club this weeekend

debz says: oh and how you doing?

Grumpy says: coowooler still.

debz says: i have a bogey

Grumpy says: (that was in reference to you playing at a club, not at how am I)

debz says: ooh why not?

debz says: you could be cowlicker if you want

Grumpy says: because I am not coowooler than having a bedroom, having decks and playing in a club on the weekend

debz says: why not? what are you donig/having?

Grumpy says: well this was cool... last night went to theatre to review it. On the way out of the Opera House afterwards, I saw a free drinks thing set up and although they hadn't given me an invitation, I TOTALLY assumed I was invited.

debz says: hahaha excellent. and you got the free drinks?

Grumpy says: Ann said I dunno, you weren't given an actual invitation. I said so what, I'm always invited to these things, and I swanned on inside. "Look, there's food," I said to Ann. "Have food. And here - have some champagne too." I really settled in with all these dollied up theatre types.

debz says: and then and then and then

Grumpy says: Then there was a speech, which is a little unusual for a theatre opening night. It was the CEO of The Opera House who introduced the host of the soiree, who was...

Grumpy says: The King Of Norway.

debz says: haaaaaaaaaaahahhahahaaa you funny

Grumpy says: I went a bit sweaty and was less confident that I was invited than before.

debz says: and then and then

Grumpy says: Well that was it. I mean, the King of fucking Norway. And me drinking his booze and acting like I knew what the fuck was going on.

debz says: hahaha you're funny

debz says: hahaha nice - was it good food and drinks?

Grumpy says: It was good. And I'm pretty sure the Opera House people just forgot to give me my invitation... I think.

debz says: of course they did

debz says: you should write a letter of complaint. See what other free things you get

Grumpy says: Yes. Like a reindeer. Reindeers come from Norway don't they? I want a reindeer.

debz says: i want one too! arrange it please

Grumpy says: And an iceberg.

debz says: with no yellow snow

Grumpy says: "Dear King Harald of Norway, You probably don't remember me, but you owe me two reindeers and one iceberg, then I shall let the matter drop. Yours sincerely, Grumpy."

Grumpy says: "PS Thanks for the drinks and the sushi."

debz says: hahaha i like it


Guyana-Gyal said...

Heh, does the king know what company he keeps? :-D

Quick said...

He looked over my way and said something about rif raf, so I guess he does.