Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Small, Good Thing

Do you remember that feeling when you were a kid when you won a prize for something? A writing thing or a class captain thing or maybe you just ran faster than the other kids when no 0ne was really expecting you to. No? Then maybe you remember what it was like when word got back to you that the girl you fancied thought you were hot too and you thought holy fuck - me? She likes me? At some point, you've had that ten-foot-tall feeling.

I had that feeling today, only the twist was that I was feeling it for The Dreaded One. She totally won today and it was because of good and right things.

She works in the kitchen of a Sydney icon. The guy above her was a fuckwit. A really awful person. Kind of guy who when travelling waiters had trouble with speaking English, he would ridicule them even though they were doing the right thing and were trying to help. Kind of guy whose presentation of food was utterly shit but who always criticised the way you arranged stuff. Kind of "chef" who liked to oversee things but would never cook. Because he couldn't. He was a malicious twat. A passive aggressive blob.

Celeb chef took over today. Axe fell. New people seem like quality people. They ditched blob, which was so obviously going to happen. But blob called The Dreaded One and told her that she had cause to worry as well. Jesus - is that being the last dickhead standing or just being delusional? It's delusional. He is a lonely and sad man.

These new people who seem to be no bullshit people want The Dreaded One to stay on. They really want her. They recognised and acknowledged integrity and decency and the hard work she put in.

Sometimes the good guys win. I'm so fucking happy about this. Really happy that this good thing happened to her.

PS - I'm really a little bit drunk right now.


guyana-gyal said...

Wonderful news!!

Isn't he the guy you had problems with about a year ago?

Quick said...

Thank you. it is wonderful news.

This guy wasn't one of the shouty ones. This guy's true character emerged over time, and it wasn't pleasant. Allover now though :)