Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Smell oF ear Pt II

So I got an invite to the Gala Launch of the Fringe Comedy Festival I wrote about two posts down. Met the orgniser who was the MC for the night. Seems like a good person as I thought. Chatted. Dreaded One and I took seats, she choosing seats that I felt were a little too exposed and close to the stage. The MC started her opener, thanking various people involved in proceedings so far, paused for a breath... then said something like, “And we also have in the audience one Quick who wrote a story about the festival which was pretty shit...” Everyone laughed, but I was thinking hang on hang on... there was a little banter back and forth in which I tried to defend myself. More laughter, all good. Kind of.

First comedian came up and took his cue from the MC and focused the first bit of his act on me. We all laughed because isn’t it funny to see someone squirm under the white hot glare of unwanted spotlight.

MC did a comic act that wasn’t quite working and muttered at one point, indicating to me, “Shit it’s intimidating having you in the front row.” Yessss! Me, Man In Black from the media was intimidating her. Next comic left me alone. Guy after him was dragged up on stage and also left me alone (although he had had a go at me - in a good natured way - from the audience) and told a really lame joke in hilarious style. Think he’s an amateur who really has got something. Very funny.

There was an intermission and as I passed the MC she laughed that she was sorry to have brought me into it. I said, “No worries. I am writing a review for the next issue. You knew that yes?”

During intermission MC came over and asked, “Are you really reviewing this? Because it’s shit.” I said no, smirked, let her sweat.

After intermission they got the audience to applaud and say YAY! As the MC took the stage. As she passed, I gave her a lone booh! On stage she said “Ooh – Drum Man says booh while everyone is saying yay.” More laughs.

Next comedian also singled me out a few times, at one point coming down off stage to croon some silly love song at me. Closing comedian also referred to me a couple of times, seeming a little pleased at one point and declaring that, “Hey – I got a smile out of Drum Man.” She also said that she really liked my story.

At the end we all mingled briefly. There was more laughter because it had all been pretty funny, and a couple of flat parts aside, there was some serious talent at work during the night. Someone else asked if I was reviewing, I said I wasn’t intending to but I might now, and I got the impression that maybe they were a little concerned.

They needn’t be. I like these people and my only regret with it is that a couple of my comebacks could have been funnier. I just wasn’t expecting any of it to happen. It was a good night and I wish the festival well. Humble beginnings, but from little things big things grow.

Anyone reading this who lives in Sydney should check The Sydney Fringe Comedy, Art & Film Festival. There’s going to be some quality acts to be enjoyed.

Now I have to write my Grumpy column through the haze of a stress headache after having a shouty altercation with some shoplifters in my shop. These arseholes think they have every right to help themselves to our store and don’t get that if I want them out, they have to leave. They put up such an aggressive argument, telling me to fuck off and glaring at me and spitting on the ground as they left. Excuse me for trying to run an honest business. I'm expecting more trouble. Police have been called. I hate this kind of shit.

So I gotta come up with some funny. Deadline first thing tomorrow. Bleh.


Amra Pajalic said...

Sounds like a fun night. I didn't know you were oh so powerful. Hope you put the shoplifters in their place.

Quick said...

Not powerful at all. It was just all very silly.

Sholifters... such a pain. Way I feel right now, I just want to close the shop down. It's a struggle as it is, we work without paying ourselves and now we have to deal with this aggro crap. Not happy at all.