Sunday, March 11, 2007

Death By Nana Nap

Just finished a 60 hour week which was joined onto the previous long week and which is joined on to yet another one. Am I crazy?

I had offered to end the week by extending my Sunday shift by five hours but I was feeling a little peculiar towards the end and bailed on that.

Got the bus home instead of walking because it's a long walk and I was a little fatigued. Started to fall asleep on the bus and have weird dreams until Mr Stinky got on board.

Took all of my clothes off (I suppose you don't really need to know that bit but I can't be arsed deleting it so you'll just have to deal with that image of a nuded up Quick, okay? Also I should add that by the time I took my clothes off I was at home and not still on the bus with Mr Stinky) and went to bed for a nana nap.

Woke myself up in a panic, convinced without a doubt that if I did not wake myself up immediately I was definitely about to die in my sleep. I was groggy but happy because I had saved myself from death by nana nap yet again. I truly am my hero.

I padded ("padded" because of the bare feet, nude thing but I didn't want to remind you I was nude by saying something like "I wandered nude out to the longeroom") out to the loungeroom to watch the 6.30 news but fell into another nana nap from which I forced myself to wake yet again because of the dying thing. Phewee - another close call.

6.30 news was over and I was none the wiser so I switched over to the 7 o'clock news whereupon I was attacked with yet another deadly nana nap. Three in one afternoon is a bit much. Usually if I have a nana nap, this is the way I wake from it, but not three times in one day.

Anyway, I missed that news as well and as a result I don't know if anything is happening in the world. Maybe during my naps everything got fixed up and maybe now there's lots of water and no climate weirdness and the world is peaceful because it has been taken over by penguins. Wouldn't that be lovely?

Went out for beer. I am enjoying the beer very much as we speak. And I am wearing a sarong I bought in Lombok, so you can stop imagining me in the nude now, you smutty little readers.

Also, this morning I got a very nice email from a man in America (I think) telling me that he loved a short story which (I forgot that) I sent to him and he would like to use it in his e-zine. There are writers on his site who have novels published and everything, so it was a very nice way to start the day indeed. It's a dark crime-type story. I am about to start writing a dark crime-type novel, so this is a good sign.

Maybe my next dark crime story will be called Death By Nana Nap.


Margarita Milongita said...

Due to my well documented flu, I totally understand this blog. But god I love sleep!

Guyana-Gyal said...

There was a time I was convinced if I sleep, I won't wake up. I don't know how I got out of that phase. I must've gotten real sleepy.