Monday, March 19, 2007


I think it's Monday night. I saw three live comedy acts last week in between the cracks of another big Faux Chef week and the reviews will be out in the mag tomorrow. I wonder what I wrote. I do know I wish I had more than 400 words for each review (which is 50 words more than I am officially allowed). I'll post the reviews here when it's appropriate. I fucking love live comedy.

Oh and get this - I'm really discreet about taking notes at comedy things because... just because. But sitting next to me at the Ross Noble gig was this fucker who was VERY PROUD to be a reviewer. You should have seen the size of the bastard's notepad. Hyooge. Huge and requiring great flourishes with each page turn. And when the lights went down he took out a fucking torch. Jesus.

Mind you, as with the Arj Barker Spastic Doodle fiasco, I also couldn't understand my notes about Ross Noble. Next time, I'm going in with one of those head lamp things so I can see what the hell I'm writing.

I'm seeing a dance performance called Glow on Wednesday, and no doubt some more comedy for the Cracker Festival. And The Dreaded One and I have the day off together on Wednesday. Man are we going to lunch hard. Hope I'm not too pissed for the 7.30 performance of Glow. Hmm. May have to do that self-restraint thingy.

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