Sunday, May 13, 2007

I Think I Am Drunk

And see the thing is... I remember a line by Peter Carey about kurrawongs and angels, and I just think mine is better. Like, he was on about kurrawongs gargling in crystal vases, and really. What the fuck is that all about? Why would an angel gargle in a crystal vase? Why? It doesn't make sense. Seriously. I would have been more impressed if he had said that it was an angel farting in crystal vase.


My point is, I think I am a better writer than Peter Carey.

I am a wannabe gargling up my own arse.

Or something.

I really should get some sleep.


EmmaK said...

Yes indeed, why would an angel gargle in a crystal vase? I think you are definately funnier than Peter Carey and I love to read drunken blog entries.

Quick said...

Cool. I shall quote you if I ever get a book published... "Funnier than Peter Carey." Emma K.

Incidentally - his new book is meant to be really funny. I think I might have to check it out. From what I've read about it, he's probably about to scoop all the big awards. Again.