Thursday, May 31, 2007

Post Of The Week.

Someone appears to have thought the post below was a good read. Never been nominated for a Post Of The Week before. Totally wasn't expecting it. Funny that it was a moody post when I generally aim for funny. All these new people are probably popping and and going, "Wot? He's on about funny shit being everywhere it's just a bit hard to see sometimes, and he's a maudlin, mopey fucker AND a faggy love poem-writing... erm... fag. Last time you catch me reading this twobluefish garbage... and anyway, what the hell does two blue fish even mean anyway? It's all bloody maudlin, mopey, faggy rubbish and I'm not putting up with it any longer."

Stuff like that.

Anyway, click on the shiny new Post Of The Week link at the side and check out a whole lot of stuff you might not have encountered before. Some familiar names there are already regular favourites of mine, others I'm just getting to know. There's some good writing over there.

And there's me too.


Mel said...

I think it's worthy of Post of the Week -
It's awesome to find a fellow Aussie reader/writer who reads Guyana Gyal's post. I'm from Guyana ... living in Melbourne.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I wonder who that 'someone' is. Must be someone who thinks you're one darn good writer.

Hi Mel :-) Do you write too?

Quick said...

Hey Mel. GG usually puts a smile of some kind on my face. Couldn't check into your blog, btw.

Thank you GG. You have impeccable taste :)

Nah, thanks, do appreciate the gesture. And it's made me more aware of POTW. More good reading... just what I need.