Sunday, May 27, 2007

On A Roll And Back Off It Again

For a short while there it did indeed look like I was on a roll. The silly love song I wrote for my favourite cabaret performer looked like it might be in with a chance, then nothing. She said she likes it and I don't see why she would say that if she didn't mean it. Thing is, she's constatly traveling and may simply not have gotten around to following up like she said she would. Or she might have taken another look at it and it's total rubbishness might have been a bit clearer on second reading. Either way, I'm less excited now. There's still a bit of hope, but mainly it was just a fun thing to have done. Pick your favourite singer. Imagine writing a song for them and they actually read the thing and appear to like it with the possibility of performning at some time... who wouldn't be excited about that?

And the job interview? It was as a srciptwiter for a large and pretty cool game making company. I turned up for the interview and was pretty blown away by the office. Huge open plan converted warehouse. Very plush. I was left alone for a few minutes while the writer and the general manager were fetched, and in those long minutes I suddenly got very nervous. Man, it just slammed me. It was the in-over-my head thing again. Sure, they obviously liked the audition story I sent to them and were impressed with how quickly I got it to them etc (and I knew it was good), but looking around the office, flitting through game magazines I realised just what a whole other world this was, and I knew how none of it worked. Again I was going to have to convince someone that although I have no specific experience I can do the job. I really wanted the job but knew that it's only going to take someone with a bit of experience and I'm out.

Typically I hadn't prepared myself as far as thinking about the right answers to standard interview questions. I just kind of muddled through, kept trying to come backto various endeavours that I threw myself into with no prior experience but a whole lot of can-do attitude, told them that I don't like not succeeding at something once I take it on etc. I think the writer kind of liked me, liked what I had to say about writing etc, but the GM or MD or whatever she was, I don't think she was so impressed. It's a pretty high profile company and the game in question is already in the press a lot and it won't be realesed for some time yet, so I don't think she's after someone with no games experience. I figured it was better to be up-front about my lack of experience.

I did relax into it and I did talk quite a bit, managing to draw a laugh or two, but in the end I just don't think it's going to happen. A lot of people want this job as much as I do, and I'm sure some with more experience applied. I should have a definite answer this week.

Still, it was a fun process and nice to have been shortlisted. And I have a new crime story to send to a magazine now.

Also, a guy came into the clothing store looking for someone to make some cyberpunk clothing. We talked and it turns out he's a movie and game producer. I asked if he needs a writer. He said he's always looking for writers. I checked him out, seems pretty good. He said to send some samples to him. It's always good to ask people what they are about because you never know what's going to turn up.

But I don't feel on a roll anymore. I liked being on a roll though. You start to think you can make things happen by assuming they will happen.

All I'm assuming will happen today is I'll finish at the shop then go home and make something hearty for dinner. I went out to a club on Friday night and spent yesterday floating dreamily to gorgeous music. Didn't eat a thing until the sandwich I just scoffed. And I wonder why I'm losing weight. Must remember to eat.


meva said...

Oh God! How can I read a blog in which someone has 'to remember to eat'.

But I like it.

And I identify with the interview for out-of-depth job. Sounds to me like you might have nailed it. It's just that maybe they don't realize it yet.

I'll be crossed until I hear.

Quick said...

I don't think I have nailed it. Wish I did, don't think I did.

lady macleod said...

One day I was bemoaning my lack of productivity and my daughter said, "Some days all you get is one good sentence."

some days that's enough.

Good luck with the job, and well done on getting yourself an audition of sorts with the other fellow.

Quick said...

Very true, Lady MacLeod. In this case both exercises were very positive experiences.