Friday, September 28, 2007

My Burning Heart

Just heard a song on the radio where the guy was going on about how much his heart was burning for someone. I was sure I heard in the chorus the words:

My heart burns for you,
Can't get no insurance for my heart.

Upon listening closely I found I'd misheard. Pity.

It reminded me that I never did get around to posting the lyrics of my song for Meow Meow. In the song... it's all a bit twisted up really because although the song would be sung by the performer, it's sung from the point of view of her besotted admirer who is articulating the indifference or even contempt the singer feels for the admirer. (I think there's a bit of sado masochism going on in there somewhere).

So. The lyrics themselves are pretty Goddamned silly, and the entire concept and structure just doesn't make any sense, so my way of making more sense of it was to have Meow Meow herself sing the song while looking into a mirror... because to fully make sense the song would have to be sung by someone other than the singer herself. That she is singing a love song to herself is perfectly in keeping with her character, as anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing her perform will appreciate. But that it is a crooning song of loathing... no sense at all.

The imagined "no insurance for my heart line" reminded me of these couple of verses from Comatose With Desire...

My unrequited lust for you,
Has crushed my heart, it’s true,
And another vital organ or two,
And left me comatose with desire.

Comatose with desire,
Comatose with desire,
You make me
Comatose with desire.

I am a peaceful village,
That you rape and pillage,
My heart buuuuurns for you... because you set it on fire,
I am comatose with desire.

If enough of you tell me you think these are some of the most retarded song lyrics you've read and that you want more, I might consider finally posting the whole silly thing. Sending money will help the cause.


Pure Gin! said...

so guess what. Meow Meow is coming to Melbourne and I'll be away. Bummed.

bohémienne said...

I hate these lyrics with a burning passion. But I have no money. Please have pity and post them anyhow.

Kathryn said...

I don't hate it.

Chris Boyd said...

The mirror thing is good. Pure/purr Me-Me-Me-Me-Meow. Village/pillage... Hell, I want more!

BTW, bet you wouldn't have given MM the -- er -- bum's rush if she'd been indulging in some hardcore/earthcore frottage instead of the other MM, Margarita Milonguita... :)

Ooo! Yeah Yeah Yeahs just come (probably) on Rage... gotta blow!


Melograna said...

Don't call us, we'll call you. Your cheque is in the post.

More, please.

quick said...

Hey Gin - you lose. I would totally cancel all overseas plans if MM was coming to town... but then I am guy.

Bohemienne - Thanks for the passionate hate. It might make up for the lack of fundage. I might post more soon.

Kat - But you do think it's a bit retarded, yes?

Chris - last time my blog was blessed with your presence was months ago and months later you're back and I am still banging on about this bloody song to Meow Meow. Just so you know, I have been writing about other stuff since then. And BTW - it could have been anyone from Cameron Diaz to Betty Page that day at Earthdance and they would have gotten the same response.

Melogana - You think I suck but you appear to be more cashed up than Bohemienne. You win. (So long as the cheque doesn't bounce).

Chris Boyd said...

"The Child Bride" dreamed that Cameron Diaz and Minnie Driver were exes of mine. (Wot a nightmare!) I almost dropped her for dreaming Minnie Driver into my CV... Then I saw Min on Ab Fab and I revised my opinion upward a zillion percentage points. (That said, zero to the power of ten is still not much.)

I've been lurking, Q, don't you worry about that. I've been wondering how to respond to your bit about long lost favourite writers for some several weeks.

It would be both too personal and too narcissistic to reply properly in the comments thread...

The Executive Summary: you make me want to be a better writer (again). [Heh, there I go!]


P.S. I believe you met my mate Claire Bear at the Oprah Hoose. She a good chic. LOL

quick said...

Bloody hell CB. Not sure how to reply to that, so I won't. not just yet.

And yes, I know Claire. And agreed - she is a good chick. I like her a lot.