Wednesday, October 03, 2007

How Many Germans Does It Take To Be Funny?

Had to do an emailer with German cabaret performer Meret because she switched off her phone at the arranged time because she wanted to sleep in. Wasted an hour an a half of my time while I kept trying to call, but at least she got to sleep in.

Thing is, I totally don't mind. She seems cool and she might even be funny - in spite of the German thing. You know, German version of the light bulb joke is "How many electricians does it take to change a light bulb? One." It's actually funny.

I asked her about the German sense of humour:

Rightly or wrongly, Germans have a reputation for having a strange sense of humour. Some would say no sense of humour. What are your thoughts on this?
It's dry, it swirls.

Next question was :

Do you know much about the Australian sense of humour?
You eat crocodiles.

I dunno, but I think that is pretty funny.

Hoping the story goes to print as is because I had a bit of fun with it too. Here's a bit of the intro:


Meret may not be a household name here, but in Germany and wider Europe she is showbiz royalty. As she brings her latest collaborative act to Australia, Lee Bemrose didn’t quite manage to catch up with her.

A few interesting facts about Meret Becker: She is a very successful singer and actress. The 39 year old’s acting career started with a feature film at the age of 17 and there’s been no turning back. She has a string of features under her belt including Spielberg’s 2005 release Munich. She’s worked with a wide variety of artists and directors including Wim Wenders, U2 and industrial noise makers Einsturzende Neubaten – this last showing that the German band generally known for sounding as musical as a box of hammers being slowly tipped onto a tin roof does have a sensitive side.

Will post the rest when the story comes out next week.

2007 is my year of Promising Stuff That Didn't Come Through, so I'm not telling you about what else is happening at da mo. But stuff is happening. Good writing stuff. Will let you know when the time is right. Tired of getting excited and then disappointed.

Also, Laurie Anderson is coming to Sydney. October 21 & 22. I crapped my pants with happiness when I got my tickets.


bohémienne said...

I love Laurie Anderson! Lucky man. I can't wait to hear about the current happenings, when you are ready to share.

quick said...

I actually had the opportunity of interviewing Laurie Anderson last Saturday night. I had to say I couldn't make it because I was working. This is not something I ever thought would happen. When I first became a fan of hers there was no way I could have ever expected to one day be in the position of having a chat with her... and I had to decline.

I've had to settle for en email interview. And given that I faux chef at Sydney Opera House where she is performing soon, I could well bump into her. And I do get to see her show and write a review of it, so I am very lucky.

Current happenings... gawd. Lots of funny stuff. However too many long shifts to go into detail, at least for the next four days. Blurk. But good blurk.