Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Bird In A Tree.

It's stupid how busy we allow ourselves to be. None of the real stuff gets done. Keeping in touch with people.

I padded into the study the other morning before work, screwing my knuckles into my eyes. Checked email. There was a message from someone asking if I was still alive. I wrote back saying yeah, still alive, just busy, we're all so fucking busy.

Sun was just coming up. Clear day, the scent of spring flower in the air. There was this bird in the tree just outside the window, its crystal chime pinginging sweetly into this new day. Like it was singing out to me, "There are good things for you today Grumpy... or Quick... or Lee or whatever your name is. Small and wonderful, good things. Shiny things of goodness. Trust me on this. I'm a bird in a tree, and I know such things."

And words formed patterns in my head as a poem of epic proportions took shape, and I added a PS to my email to the friend who had asked if I was dead:

I wish I was as happy
As a bird in a tree.
I'd poo on all the busy people
And fluff my feathers with glee.


Burd said...

Glad you are not dead and are instead full of feathers and poo. I cut my finger and bled everywhere. Second time in a week but I am not dead either. Hurrah!

We are all so busy but we never have anything to say.

Burd said... each other

that didn't come out right. I didn't mean to suggest you never have anything to say. I meant that we are all always so busy and then you get on the phone or email or whatever and it's like, yeah I'm fine how are you? Yeah fine, ummmmmmmmmm, ok bye.

quick said...

Fuck off. I have loads to say and my emails we re always way longer and a fuckload funnier than yours... you're the one that always all "Not now - too busy."

In the end I just gave up putting in more effort than was given back.

And whaddaya mean I was like that on the phone? Nothing to say? Pffft. Phucker.

(Sorry about your finger).

quick said...

... or when you said "you get on the phone" did you mean you as in people generally? If so, sorry about the dummy spit (which was smirky anyway).

Queen Bum Cheese said...

i've now found my favourite poem in the whole wide world mwuah ah aaaaaaaaaaah better than winking nodding things even

quick said...

My Queen of Cheesy Bumness... Good Snurg to you. You should visit more often. Glad you liked the pome.

Burd said...

it was all meant in a general sense. People generally are too busy to communicate and connect and then when they get a chance to they don't have anything to say to each other. Wasn't getting at you personally dude.

Although, you know, you try going from barmaid to eco journalist of the year in two years without being a bit busy to talk to you occasionally :)

quick said...

I just disagree with that quote (in the various versions you've related it). Generally I find that when I do catch up with people sooo much has happened that there's plenty to talk about and not enough time to talk about it all. Just don't get that quote at all.

You've done well. The sacrifices have been worth it... and sometimes a bonus; the peace and quiet has been such an unexpected bonus.

Kathryn said...

If the bird was a pigeon I'd try to kick it.

Erm...and dodge the poo, obv.

quick said...

Haha, Kat. You loathe pigeons, don't you. Must tell you about Pigeon Christ sometime...

Also, you'd look a little odd trying to kick a bird that is in a tree from your study so early on such a lovely day.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I knew it. There's a bird in our tree, splatting bird-splut all over the place. It's you. That's why you haven't blogged since Sunday.

Sigh, yeah, it's stupid how busy we get and nothing important gets done. Is that what folks Down Under call 'bludging'?

quick said...

Bludging, as I understand it, GG, is when someone should be working but finds ways to not work. The job either doesn't get done or someone else picks up the slack.