Saturday, October 06, 2007

Long Arms Of Time

Once upon a long time ago, I heard the song O Superman. Must have been in the same year it came out. I bought the vinyl single. I shared it with friends, some of whom laughed. I understood their initial amusement, but what I didn't get was why they didn't get why this was such a great piece of music. I was quietly amazed. Young guy from the shitty suburbs hearing this amazing music... just amazed. Spent many nights alone in my dingy one roomer falling asleep to Big Science. Awake and dreaming of the possibilities of imagination.

If I went back in time from now and told me that one day, long time from now, things will be different and you will be speaking to the creator of all this gorgeous and sad musical storytelling that you love so much, I would have said get the fuck out of my dingy one roomer you deluded fuckwit.

Funny how things can change.

Hayfever Man signing out.


Kathryn said...

It's crazy how things can turn out. Does your head in at times but totally worth it. :)

bohémienne said...

More details, please. Did you get to talk to her? Or you are going to be doing so?

quick said...

Totally does my head in, Kat.

Yo Boh - Details: Still can't believe I said no to a chat with because I was at work. Day-to-day it's the way it had to be but big scheme of things, how fucking wrong was that? Anyway, I'm been given a third chance to talk to her. Will know more on Monday, but it's looking like this week some time. She'll be in Mexico. I think I should probably not blow my third chance.